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Sichuan Zhongguan Diyan Electric Appliance Technology Co., Ltd

Sichuan Zhongguan Diyan Electric Appliance Technology Co., Ltd


Integral Activation Water-purified System

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Integral  Activation Water-purified System

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integral  activation water-purified system

Good water, good family and good life!

Eight benefits for integral water-purified system
 1. Purification, magnetization, mineralization, return to natural water, feel comfortable like quality mineral spring water.
2. Remove rust, foreign matter, suspended matter, residual chlorine, organic substance, heavy metal and other hazardous substance, good effect.
3. Molecular contact principle, filter element has no replacement, automatic flush in system, periodically discharge sewage, clearly find well-filtered dirt from city water, only open up valve whilst washing and discharge sewage.
4. Bear full pressure from city water, life for system exceeds over 15 years, it can be perminantly used after one-time investment, it links with main piping (inclusive big flow), assuring drinking water as superior purified water.
5. Prevent water boiler and heater from scale, protect for superior water faucet, sanitary ware, ceramic tile from pollution by yellow water or rusting water, keep it clean.
6. Provide flowing water and assure water fresh and sanitary, avoid buying canned water, and prevent potential worry for sanitation because of long periodical drinking; natural filtering material reserves microelement and mineral substance necessarily kept in physical body, not simply filtered general purified water, it is more beneficial for physical health.
7. One machine has several applications, drinking water flows out only opening up faucet ; this avails for drining, sanitary bathing, hot heater, water boiler whilst use for super purified water.
8. If you wash face by high-energy activated water, your skin and hair may not be dried, skin becomes bright and clean and suppress facial stain; and this also improve function for stomach and intestine and prevent from lithiasis, stoop and osteoporosis if drinking for long time, fish becomes fun and vigor if use of such water, flower becomes alive if watering it.
1.       Purify based on the ultra-filtration membrane separation technology as the kernel, the optimized water-purification technique combines activated carbon absorption and KDF replacement techniques.
By high-precise and pure physical filtration, to remove the silt, rust, bacteria, colloid, algae, giant molecule organism etc. thoroughly and simultaneously keep the beneficial mineral substance and micro-elements in the water.
3.       KDF replacement:
Imported qualified KDF filter material can effectively eliminate the deleterious heavy metal ion in the water
4.       Activated carbon adsorption
Qualified coconut-shell activated-carbon filter material can eliminate heterochromia and peculiar smell
Convenient to be replaced with filters which is easy to be changed
filter screen and activated carbon
auxiliary material of Water purification
activated carbon from Malaysia
Water yield
Filtering precision
Activation water and make water pure
Product positioning
Washing, wash dishes, cooking, and drinking
Do prevent and treat some diseases
The main material
Stainless steel 304
The weight
Mirror Stainless steel
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9   Kilograms

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